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El Edwards.  Irrepressible silver-lining spotter, author, Jesus geek, lover of smiles. 

I want to live in a world where silver-lining spotting is taught to all ten year olds, growing up is outlawed and laughter is the magic pill that cures all.

When I’m not writing myself into a corner, you’ll find me shamelessly watching Doctor Who while enjoying a flat white (or three!) made with freshly roasted beans, taking my two dogs for a walk in the rain (there’s a reason why the grass is always so green in Wales!) or playing unpaid taxi driver for one of my three children. (Yes it’s a cliche that I desperately wish wasn’t true!) I also write words for other people.

As well as the Charlie Diamond mystery series, I’ve also written romantic comedy, Chapter 35, inspirational novel The Itchy Soul and a non-fiction book for entrepreneurs, Happily Ever After.