Hiya, I’m El Edwards, an author and coach from South Wales in the UK.

Irrepressible silver-lining-spotter. Coffee addict. Fun-loving Jesus geek. Doctor Who nerd. Ethical vegan. Lover of smiles.

When I’m not writing myself into a corner, you’ll find me shamelessly watching Doctor Who while enjoying a soy flat white (it’s a bit like a latté but with less milk), taking my two dogs for a walk in the rain (there’s a reason why the grass is always so green in Wales!) or playing unpaid taxi driver for one of my three children. (Yes, it’s a cliche I desperately wish wasn’t true!)

I also write words for other people.

I want to live in a world where silver-lining spotting is taught to all ten year olds, growing up is outlawed and laughter is the magic pill that cures all.

As well as the Charlie Diamond mystery series, I’ve also written romantic comedy, Chapter 35, inspirational novel The Itchy Soul and a non-fiction book for entrepreneurs, Happily Ever After.

Want to get in touch?

Well aren’t you lovely! You can email me hello (at) eledwards (dot) uk.